Health and Wellness Nationally Recognized Leadership and Expertise

The research clearly shows that health and wellness programs are effective in controlling health care costs while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. All of those things are good for the bottom-line.

BI is a leading advocate for transforming the workplace through a culture of Health and Wellbeing. We lead by example with a national and regional award-winning internal program called the BI Wellbeing Rewards.  And we provide comprehensive implementation assistance for our clients.  An expert in house team, featuring wellness & fitness professionals, plus online resources and toolkits are ready to help you design, implement and maintain a program when you are ready.

Services provided by the BI Health & Wellbeing Team:

  • Design tailored wellness programs that fit your people and culture
  • Put concrete strategies in place that can lead to a more productive workforce, a reduction in absences and lost work time, and lower health care costs.
  • Assistance from our Health & Wellbeing Team provides a solid knowledge of benefits planning with experience in the clinical setting to help you encourage healthier lifestyle choices among your employees.
  • A suite of wellness tools and services
  • One-on-one consultation to assist you in identifying the unique health issues and challenges within your organization