Reasons to Choose Borislow Insurance (BI)

Depending on the moment and your most pressing need, you may have a few or many reasons to choose BI as your Strategic Advisor, partner and Broker of Record. As time goes by, you may take advantage of many of our advantages. Here are 10 of the top reasons our clients have identified for choosing BI

Strategic advisors make the difference.

It has been said that choosing the right benefits strategy these days is like winning a game of chess. It requires an ability to anticipate what the board will look like many moves ahead. BI helps you see the entire board and to overcome a multitude of challenges and threats.

Our integrated, multi-practice team approach puts you at the center of our universe, delivers the broad and deep expertise and the services you need.

Access to diverse expert resources and highly responsive services is what our integrated team approach is all about.

A Passion for service

has always been our hallmark. You might say it’s in our company DNA. Our Principals, team leaders, subject matter experts and support staff are dedicated to understanding your requirements and adding a caring personal touch to the process of meeting those needs – every day.

Best in class compliance expertise and guidance. Analyze, simplify, and communicate.

Our staff is deeply knowledgeable about compliance and regulatory issues. We help you navigate compliance with all state and federal laws providing education and tools to help you avoid the associated risks of non-compliance.

Healthcare reform expertise and leadership.

BI has the right people in leadership and on staff to dissect and clarify industry-changing regulations. We combine a profound and hard-won knowledge of health care reform with pragmatic, insightful and actionable guidance to help you make the wisest decisions for both your financial and your human capital.

Strategic risk management, benchmarking and financial reporting with state of the art tools and skills.

Our advanced risk management techniques, benchmarking and financial reporting package as well as team expertise help you leverage this information to give you with the data and confidence you need to make the wisest choices.

Tools and technology to engage, educate and empower your people.

We help you create and maintain positive change by providing actionable information, tools and technology to help your people cope with frequent changes and get the straight answers they need to get engaged, educated and empowered for a better future.

Advocacy and engagement.

We have a seat at the “Big” tables to advocate for you in the halls of government and the employee benefits insurance industry. Our leadership has always been deeply engaged and tuned in at the state, federal and industry levels.

Community Involvement and Citizenship.

At BI we believe in giving back to the community. Our Principals, leadership team and staff are deeply involved in a variety of rewarding community and charitable efforts thorough the year. Random Acts of Kindness are also at the center of our company culture. We invite you to join us!

Nationally recognized, award winning Consumer Driven Health and Wellness Plans (CDHP)that fit your people and culture.

BI is one of the nation’s leading authorities on effective design and implementation of CDHP/Wellness. Our principals have been advocates and acknowledged experts on the subject for over a decade. We lead by example with multi-award winning internal programs and extensive implementation assistance (BI Healthy Advantage).