Risk Management Risk Management and Financial Reporting

Finding a balanced employee benefits solution to help you compete, care for your employees and meet your business needs is critical. Your employee benefits selections have a profound effect on your operations in terms of cost, employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.  We combine experience with advanced risk management techniques, benchmarking and financial reporting to help you turn data into actionable information and make the wisest choices. Our team has decades of experience and deep expertise in evaluating alternative funding methods, comprehensive claims analysis and reporting, plan design modeling, premium rate calculations, and other complex variables important to your plan’s performance.

Among other resources, we leverage the United Benefits Advisors Annual Survey, the nations most comprehensive benchmarking study.  This provides the broadest data analysis available, including plan designs and costs.  It features industry and geographic breakdowns that help us zero in on the most relevant and valuable comparisons for your organization.

We also apply independent, 3rd party analysis through strategic partnerships with some of the nations most recognized actuarial firms. These firms apply state of the art models, incorporating data on over 40 million lives from multiple sources.  This modeling is key to effective plan analysis, self-insured feasibility studies, stop loss analysis, health care reform (ACA) modeling and more.

Other Benchmarking and Financial Analysis Tools and Resources include:

  • Plan IT
  • Premium Contribution Modeling
  • Cost and Utilization Reporting
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Independent 3rd Party Analysis
  • Health Care Reform Modeling
  • Self-insured Feasibility
  • Stop Loss Analysis

Unsure of how to turn your data into actionable information?

A balanced employee benefits solution will help you compete, care for your employees and meet your business needs!  Learn more today!


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