HR Consulting Practice HR Consulting Practice

Our HR Consulting practice provides you with the insights, tools and expert resources you need to care for your employees, reduce risks, and ensure success. Best HR practices and processes also help you attract and retain top talent and stay in compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws.

BI has partnered with KMA Human Resource Consulting. Together, we bring you a range of choices and packages to meet your needs and your budget. Our HR experts work hand in glove with your strategic client consulting team to help you select the right strategies, processes and tactics to ensure smooth and effective HR operations.


  • Deal effectively with all employees

  • Make sure you conduct legal hiring and firing practices

  • Know when and how to provide an employee handbook

  • Know when to offer health benefits, vacation time, sick pay

  • Find and retain the right people

  • Create and refine job descriptions as necessary

  • Follow current EEOC regulations and fair wage and compensation standards

  • Stay on top of changes in employment laws every year

HR Experts that work hand in glove with your team.

For more information and pricing contact Pam Verrill at 978-722-1107 or email us!!