Communication Tools and Tech Positive change helps you control cost

We know that positive change helps you control cost, improve productivity and build employee confidence.  Skillful and well-executed education and communication is key to making it happen.

BI believes in open and continuous lines of communication.  We provide broadly based communication and education solutions, carried in many media for all of your audiences.  From webinars and seminars to newsletters and bulletins and a suite of tools and technologies, we deliver the information you need, when you need it.

Whether it’s communication on existing plans and programs, or the introduction of entirely new solutions, your experienced BI team and communication & education specialists are there to help you plan and execute.


Consumer Driven Health

  • CDHP Coach online applications
  • Publications
  • Tools and technology
  • Services and coaching

Employee Navigator

A one-stop communications and benefits management portal helping you digitize the HR filing cabinet for you and your employees.

Webinars, Seminars and Briefings

Online, on-site, or at our locations.

Ongoing subject-matter expert communications, Newsletters, Alerts, Links and Articles

  • Webinars, seminars, on-site meetings and briefings
  • Benefits
  • Management Topics
  • Health care reform (PPACA)
  • Tips and updates
  • Regulation and legislation
  • Blogs and expert commentary

Health and Wellness Communications, Tools and Tech

  • Implementation Assistance Services
  • Help you keep on track
  • BI has an expert team
  • Online site and support.

Compliance Bulletins and Communications

Timely, clear, informative, actionable.

Communicating benefits in a changing world can be challenging.

With BI it doesn’t have to be.  Learn more today!