BLR® is a leading compliance information company. We help organizations comply with federal and state legal rules and requirements related to employment (DOL), safety (OSHA) and environmental (EPA) compliance. Employers know that they can count on BLR’s industry-leading compliance and training solutions to keep them out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money.

Complete Compliance:

BLR provides national and state compliance coverage because you need to know state and federal laws to stay completely compliant. That’s why BLR gives you coverage and training that is regularly reviewed and updated, based on the latest regulatory changes.

Understandable & Practical:

BLR solutions—prepared and delivered by lawyers and industry experts—are uniquely designed to be practical and used by nonlawyers, to ensure quick understanding and implementation. Designed for the real business world ―our customers want to understand what laws they need to know and how the laws impact their organizations, so they can apply appropriate tools and resources to adhere to them.

HR.BLR is a Human Resources portal with online answers to YOUR HR questions. clarifies those difficult state and national Human Resource regulations questions like FMLA, ADA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, etc. By logging in through our site you will have 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of plain-English HR state compliance help. It is a place for fast, reliable employment and labor law answers that are updated daily – so you can do your job better and faster.

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