We Understand Your World

From the beginning, independent schools and the people who make them successful have been at the core of our practice. For over 30 years, we have been immersed in the culture, priorities, pressures and decision-making that drive schools like yours.  We know that your school is an extended community that spans generations and geographies, yet often feels more like a proud, close–knit small town.  Above all, we understand that yours is a world of caring; for students, faculty, staff, and the many constituencies that make up your greater community.

Cost, complexity, and the competition for talented faculty and staff, mean that selecting the right strategic advisor and benefits solution is more critical today than ever before.  To provide a full range of solutions and maintain a true partnership with every school we serve, we know that we have to go way beyond brokerage.  Your caring and commitment are mirrored by the passion for service and personal approach that are at the heart of BI’s culture.

  • We gain a deep familiarity with your people and culture, then apply thorough benchmarking, financial analysis and experience to guide you to an optimal solution.  A solution that gives your faculty and staff the confidence to focus fully on your students, bolsters retention and enables recruiting.

  • We respond to the rhythm of your calendar and operations, offering the services, communication, on-campus presence and analysis you need at the right moments.

  • BI is an integral part of the independent schools community, associations, events and issues.

  • Whether you are a member of a school association or not, BI can design an optimal benefits solution for you.  And we offer the flexibility to work within or outside of association benefit plans.

For all these reasons, we say with confidence that we go way beyond brokerage to be the strategic benefits advisor that truly understands your world.


Looking for a creative self-funding solution?  Check out Captivated Health, our captive solution designed for educational institutions. Our captive offers a refreshingly new solution based on tried and true methodology that has helped very large employers manage their risk and “Bend the Healthcare Trend“.

BI Knows Your World

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