Random Acts of Kindness – a Cultural Norm at BI

For over 30 years, our business has been very much centered on people rather than products or services.  Attracting the best talent to our team and creating a culture of caring have always been hallmarks of the way we do things at BI. Several years ago, while discussing holiday celebrations for our dedicated team, we started a tradition called “Random Acts of Kindness.”  Little did we know then that it would have a profound impact on our team members, ourselves and, ultimately, on our company’s culture. What started out as a new idea to “get into the spirit” of the season has turned into a holiday tradition that the team thoroughly embraces and incorporates into their daily lives.  The “viral effect” this new tradition created has been life changing.  It has become “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Making a difference near and far

Random Acts of Kindness has gone on to touch people and places far beyond what we could have imagined. It has yielded a chain reaction of shared acts of kindness, a ripple effect.  It is now part of everything we do and we are driven to share this marvelous process with others. The practice of kindness can be adopted by individuals, social groups or corporations.  These deeply satisfying activities can be performed silently and anonymously or as visible and overt acts of leadership.

To share our experiences and propel others to practice random acts of kindness, we have written a short and enjoyable book called “Inspire to Act.”  We invite you to join us and reap the benefits!


Inspire to Act is available for
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Giving Back in our Community

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