We are pleased to announce that on February 28th, 2022 Ashley Rutkowski joined the firm as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the newest member of our Executive Leadership Team. 

Ashley brings 16 years of diverse experience to Borislow Insurance and Captivated Health. She has served in a variety of roles from personal production to leadership and is highly knowledgeable in fully and partially self-insured plans. She believes strongly in a servant leadership approach centering on customer service, humility, and professional persistence that develops lasting relationships that create impactful client solutions. 

After graduation from the University of Wisconsin, she joined the United States Air Force which was key in shaping her work ethic and leadership style. Ashley and her husband, Nick, are parents to two dogs and in her spare time, she enjoys food, wine, and running. 

We look forward to having Ashely bring her expertise, business development and sales acumen, and servant leadership to the firm.